Saturday, September 21, 2013

Euronet 50/50 and PILE Project

Barrufet School presented  the project Feeling English within the Integrated Plan Foreign Languages in 2011-2012. It was accepted and we have carried out during the year 2012/2013 and we will continue in 2013/2014.
Feeling English!
2012-2014  (PILE)

Our project is called “ Feeling English” and its main aim is to improve the communicative competence of our students in a motivating way. We want they “feel” the English Language as something special and meaningful.
We understand “Feeling English” as a process of internalization of English based on self-discovery (“All about me” project 1st cycle), through the knowledge of the environment (“The world around me” project 2nd cycle ) and finally the involvement and participation as citizens  of the world in the immediate environment (“We are the world” 3rd cycle). So, our project includes activities into small projects adapted to each cycle taking into account the evolutionary characteristics and needs of our students. 

Feeling English is a project related to other curricular areas such as Social Sciences and Arts&Crafts. It is opened up to other projects, involving students in Euronet 50/50 about sustainability in schools, which includes a network of primary schools in nine European countries. Its purpose is to raise awareness and promote energy efficiency, combating the climate change. Another aim is to use the blog in English of the school websites for 50/50 as the place to exchange the best practices, to share experiences  and awareness as well as energy saving measures and monitoring.
It is also important to note that Barrufet School is involved in the European project Euronet 50/50, a project promoted by the Intelligent Energy Europe that aims to achieve more sustainable schools by saving energy. City and school to work collaboratively on this project. The idea is that 50% of the cost savings achieved, as a result of the energy efficiency measures undertaken by the students,  is returned to the school in a financial transfer. The other 50% would be a savings to the City. Applying Euronet everyone wins: the school, the town hall and the environment.
Barrufet School won the National Quality Label for our eTwinning project "Me and my world." It is a recognition awarded by the National Support Service in each country to all the projects that complies with the requirements for an eTwinning Project (pedagogical innovation and creativity, curricular integration, collaboration between different schools, use of new technologies ...) in our case with the approval of the Department of Education.
Our eTwinning project has already received (so far) five National Quality Labels, which means that soon we will receive the European Quality Label (awarded by the Central Support Service when at least two centers participating in the project have been National Quality Label by the respective SNA). The European Quality Label is awarded automatically twice a year, so it is not necessary to make any request.
(To participate in the awards is needed that the European project has obtained a European Quality Label.)
This a sample of the activity done in the English subject by the students in 6th grade about saving energy.

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