Saturday, September 21, 2013

Euronet 50/50 and PILE Project

Barrufet School presented  the project Feeling English within the Integrated Plan Foreign Languages in 2011-2012. It was accepted and we have carried out during the year 2012/2013 and we will continue in 2013/2014.
Feeling English!
2012-2014  (PILE)

Our project is called “ Feeling English” and its main aim is to improve the communicative competence of our students in a motivating way. We want they “feel” the English Language as something special and meaningful.
We understand “Feeling English” as a process of internalization of English based on self-discovery (“All about me” project 1st cycle), through the knowledge of the environment (“The world around me” project 2nd cycle ) and finally the involvement and participation as citizens  of the world in the immediate environment (“We are the world” 3rd cycle). So, our project includes activities into small projects adapted to each cycle taking into account the evolutionary characteristics and needs of our students. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

EURONET 50/50 PROJECT REPORT 2012-2013 (June 2013)

During the last school year we reported to the School Community about the project. Then, we asked for some light meters to theTown Hall’s Environment Department to do the first lights test during the cultural week of the school. But we didn’t start officially the project until the first term of this year.

  • We did a teachers meeting to talk about Euronet . The teacher in charge of the project told to the rest of the teachers that their implication was very important and they agreed. 
  • The Project was introduced to the School Board and they chose a representative  of the parents.
  • The school team talked to the non-teaching staff (janitor, cook, cleaners) and they join the project too.
  • Creation of the school’s Energy Committee integrated by 8 students (from 5th and  6th grade), the teacher of the 3rd keystage, the head teacher, a representative of the parents and the janitor. In the meeting they review the aims of the project and there are some suggestions.
  • There is a meeting with the Town Hall and other schools in order to lay the groundwork  to start the project in the four schools.   
  • We send an email  with some requests to the Town Hall. (As we said in the meeting on 16th October, we sent you the most important school needs):
    • First, as the more important thing it is necessary that you come to school to do the audit. We need this information to plan  the project in the correct way. 
    • It is required that a technical expert visits the school in order to do an “energy tour” around the school with the representatives of the students and the teachers.  We are going to make suggestions to the expert and he is going to tell us if they are possible or not.
    • Second, we need a minimum of  2 digital thermometers with one day of memory, because  we want to pass the data to the computer in order to do the corresponding stadistics and then rethink about the project aims.
    • We ask for a grant to the Environment Department  so as to buy the devices needed to measure the light of each room and the electricity outgoings.